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After the files are uploaded, the uploader has no control over them; they are automatically distributed to all Usenet providers that subscribe to the newsgroup they are uploaded to, so there will be copies of them spread all around the world.
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This is the most extensive newsgroup hierarchy outside of the Big 8. alt.atheism - discusses atheism. alt.binaries.slack - artwork created by and for the Church of the SubGenius. alt.config - creation of new newsgroups in the alt hierarchy. - the first alt newsgroup for discussion of sexual topics.
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Newsgroup retention rates indicate the length of time that a post is available to you. We currently support over days of binary and text retention across all newsgroups. More retention means more successful searches, and we have the highest retention in the industry!
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In fact, there are estimated to be over 100,000, newsgroups in existence. While many newsgroups host traditional text-based discussions, a large number of newsgroups are now used for file sharing. These newsgroups, which primarily provide links to files, often have the term binaries" in their name. Below are some examples of active newsgroups. The first part of the name before the first dot is the primary category or hierarchy or the newsgroup.
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Techopedia Explains Newsgroup. What Does Newsgroup Mean? A newsgroup is an Internet-based discussion around an individual, entity, organization or topic. Newsgroups enable remotely connected users to share, discuss and learn about their topic of interest by exchanging text messages, images, videos and other forms of digital content.
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Sometimes abbreviated as NG, a newsgroup is a location where individuals can discuss a particular topic by posting messages on a news server. In many ways, a newsgroup is similar to a forum, where users can submit posts and read posts from other users.
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Most newsgroups are dedicated to a specific topic. For example, the newsgroup comp.lang.python is dedicated to conversations about the Python programming language. How much off-topic conversation is tolerated varies from one newsgroup to the next since each newsgroup is managed by an independent moderator.
However, there is exactly one feature of Usenet thathas a form of democracy: newsgroup creation.A new newsgroup is unlikely to be widely propagated unless its sponsorfollows the newsgroup creation guidelines; and the current guidelinesrequire a new newsgroup to pass an open vote.There are those who consider the newsgroup creation process to be aremarkably powerful form of democracy, since without any coercion, itsdecisions are almost always carried out.

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